The Owl and the Hedgehog

Owl Doorstop Family sitting in a tree

An owl doorstop and a hedgehog doorstop is one of the unusual sights at our place. The owl doorstop greets us when we come in the house. The hedgehog doorstop lives in the utility next to the drier.  Cosy. And it is because although fitted by a pretty hard to find carpenter in the middle of the celtic tiger, who charged extra to make sure the doors stay put, our doors don’t. A common enough problem in this weather. We really want to believe it is due to the humidity in this lovely country of ours, more than to lousy construction techniques. But the bottom line is that getting our shoes on is a constant battle with a door. Drastic measures were taken and we got someone to do the dirty job for us of keeping that door open and draguht free. Here is where Oliver the owl doorstop and Bertie the hedgehog come really handy.

Let me introduce you: Lord Oliver Wise owl doorstop has been in service for three years now. He doesn’t row with our cats or dogs and he loves his job. No complaints either. Just perfect. See him at work.


Lord Oliver Wise Doorstop doing his job

Bertie is just settling in. We had a real hedgehog that moved to our garden to spend his last days, and we miss him dearly, so we got Bertie. He is getting on fine. He is as cute as the real one but he comes with no fleas :-)


A real hedgehog looking for somewhere to hibernate for the winter

Both Oliver the owl doorstop and Bertie are the perfect weight to keep the doors open. And they both have extended families. They all bundle up in a line making a draught excluder. And they are super cute too. And of course very practical. Decoration is another one of their purposes in life, but they prefer to work.


There are lots of different types of door stops and draught excluders available at Hamish Hawkin both online and off line; Sheep, hens, cockerels, foxes, bunnies, cats, ducks, horses etc. All of them are superbly made. 


Once in a while you come across a super cute, practical, perfectly designed and manufactured product at the right price. This is one of those times. Dora Designs is the supplier that produces this gems. And we have been lucky enough to be able to bring them to you in Kinsale for the last 6 years. And now they are also available to the whole of Ireland thanks to our online shop. Their products are superb. Velvets, luxurious brocade fabrics and fantastic craftsmanship in all of their products.


Definitely something to keep in mind as you may need one soon enough since winter is settling in. And Christmas is coming. They all make perfect gifts for those “impossible to buy” people. And if you are into interior decoration, they look classy in any room.

So, now that you have been introduced, come and talk to us about them here, and choose either Bertie the hedgehog or Lord Oliver Wise owl doorstop.

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