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You know the scenario - you’re pressed for time and you still manage to come up with an amazing gift. You're a star!

The History of Hamish Hawkin

Hamish Hawkin - beautiful alliteration. Intertwining Celtic roots with a medieval word meaning the act of selling goods for a living; a gem was forged in Kinsale, Co. Cork in 2003.

Hamish Hawkin was indeed our favourite shop when we moved to Kinsale in 2003. We always found interesting gifts for our family and friends, for any occasion and which had certain specialness. The expression of delight on our recipient’s faces filled us with warmth and made us feel good about the act of giving.

In 2010, when we learnt the owners were moving on, we could not accept seeing the shop closed; so we bought it!

In fact we had just had a baby and realised that going back to our engineering jobs meant letting someone else raise our child. So we stayed at home and raised him whilst learning how to manage a retail business. Sure, we made mistakes but also learnt a lot whilst having fun doing it.

Where are we now

To this day, we still have lots of fun as we continue to be inventive. We have formed long lasting friendships serving our community and our customers come back because we refuse to compromise on quality or specialness. Our sales team, consisting of Joan, Jen and Colleen are always happy to spend time discussing your needs.

What's Next

It is set to be a busy year as we expand our horizons and strive to bring you more innovative products whilst gradually increasing our online presence.

“This is our story” –  Adrian and Maria
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